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Công việc kinh doanh hiện đại yêu cầu việc đặt các chuyến bay. Khi đặt các chuyến bay, bạn cần đặt câu hỏi gì?



Hãy tưởng tượng bạn đang đặt một chuyến bay và khách sạn qua điện thoại. Các từ ngữ và thể hiện gì bạn cần sử dụng?

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Tiếp theo bạn sẽ nghe một cuộc hội thoại qua điện thoại mà một người đang đặt vé máy bay và khách sạn



Check your understanding

Dolores: Hello! Dolores speaking…
Tim: Ah yes, hello. I’d like to enquire about flights to Hong Kong from Kennedy Airport in New York, please. I’m off to a conference at the end of the month – Thursday 22nd until Tuesday 27th. Could you tell me about the flight availabilityand prices?
Dolores: Certainly. Do you want to go economy, business or first class?
Tim: Well, I’d like to go first class, but unfortunately I’ll have to go economy – company rules, you see.
Dolores: Yes, sure, I understand. How many of you will be travelling?
Tim: Ah, it’s just me.
Dolores: Okay, so that’s one seat … economy … New York – Kennedy to Hong Kong Airport.
Tim: And how much will that be?
Dolores: Let me see … to qualify for the discount rate, you need to stay over a Saturday, which you are doing … Yes, that’ll be $830.
Tim: Right, and does that include airport tax?
Dolores: No, tax is another $70 on top of that.
Tim: Okay. Can I book that, then?
Dolores: Certainly.
Dolores: Can I help you with anything else?
Tim: Yes, I’d like to book a hotel room too, for the full five nights.Could you check if the Regency Hotel has any rooms free?
Dolores: Yes, they do.
Tim: And is there a discount rate for conference delegates?
Dolores: Yes, there is. I think it’s 10% but I can check that for you.
Tim: Okay, do you mind if I book it provisionally for now and I’ll call you back later to confirm? I just need to check one or two details.
Dolores: That’s fine, sir. Can I help you with anything else?
Tim: No, that’s all for now. As I said, I’ll call you back.